Reinforcement: 3 kinds of lacing movements for a long time, shoulder inflammation is good, and the back is not painful!


Reinforcement: 3 kinds of lacing movements for a long time, shoulder inflammation is good, and the back is not painful!

The internal organs of the human body are composed of these organs, the five internal organs: lung, kidney, liver, spleen, heart; six sputum: gallbladder, bladder, small intestine, triple burner, stomach, large intestine.

Pulling the ribs and tapping the muscles can cure all kinds of diseases. It was originally a Taoist tactic. The purpose is to use the slaps of the adult garbage and clogging things to make them float out of the surface and thus be excreted.

The lacing was first appeared in the Yellow Emperor’s internal scripture, which said that the ribs became one inch longer and the life span could last for ten years.

If the person’s age or certain living habits are not correct, it will cause the whole body to become a group of diseases and cause various diseases. If you want to treat these diseases, you can cure 50% or 100% by the lacing treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine also has the concept of tendons. The flexibility of the tendons can be continuously stretched and shortened. After the tendons are stretched, the blood of the meridians can be smoothly operated. Usually, the lacing health we use is based on this principle.

Here are three ways to introduce lacing. They can effectively treat middle-aged and elderly patients with spinal diseases, shoulder inflammation, waist and leg pain, and can improve the symptoms of sedentary office workers. If they can persist for a long time,Can see the obvious beauty and weight loss effects.

Forward bending alternately stretching: first sit on the ground, feet straight, the whole foot back hook, the heel presses the ground, starts to fold from the buttocks, the upper body slowly leans against the legs, first grab the right with the left handThe sole of the foot, the right palm is supported on the right front, stretch the left head, the shoulder blade, the ligament of the side waist, and then practice.

This action can alleviate shoulder inflammation and shoulder and neck pain, as well as training the coordination and muscle mass performance of the upper torso.

Waist tilt training: first stand up straight and feet together, then start squatting, try to deepen, then hug your hands and bury your head inside, this form is like the shape of a baby in the mother’s womb.

Training is the core strength of the abdomen, the muscles of the hind limbs, the muscle strength of the lower limbs, can improve metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, lower limb pain, and standing posture.

Crescent Moon Hind: First stand straight on the ground, the right foot is a big step backwards, the forefoot is stepped on the ground, the heel is lifted, and the front bend is bent 90° while the body is placed in two legs.In the neutral position, the palms of the hands are lifted up until the whole arm is straightened, followed by breathing. The hind legs are continuously bent and then straightened. When bending, the ground cannot be touched. During the process, the upper body and the limbs remain.Do not move.

Exercise improves leg pain and frozen shoulder, and trains muscle strength to soften the ligaments and waist ligaments of the legs and train the stability of the body.

Is your body ribs pulled open?