Daily skin care for the elderly is based on nutrition


Daily skin care for the elderly is based on nutrition

When the average person reaches old age, he will gradually neglect the care of the skin, and helplessly look at the wrinkles and climb the forehead.

Although “the grandmother without wrinkles is terrible,” the elegant grandmother is more flattering.

The elderly pay attention to the maintenance and care of the skin, which can delay the aging of the skin and form an elegant and calm posture.

  Skin elasticity is reduced and sensitive It is understood that there are currently 1 in the elderly over the age of 60.

32 billion, and is 3 per year.

The speed of 2‰ has increased dramatically. However, there are few skin care products suitable for the elderly on the market, and even skin care products specially developed for the elderly are not seen.

Therefore, it is especially important to select the correct type among existing skin care products for the characteristics of the skin of the elderly.

  Dr. Guo Yifeng from the Department of Dermatology, Shanghai Xinhua Hospital told reporters that when people are middle-aged, the skin will begin to shrink. After 60 years old, the skin will age more obviously in shape and function. The most common is skin thinning, reduced elasticity, and skin wrinkles.More and more, deeper, pigment spots appear gradually, and some old people will even appear as thin as paper.

In addition, the skin of the elderly is more sensitive than young people, and it is particularly prone to itching.

Therefore, the maintenance of their skin will be very different from that of young people.

  Nutritional skin care products increase elasticity for the elderly skin relaxation, wrinkles, subcutaneous hypoxia, sweat and sebum decline, Dr. Guo believes that the choice of nutritional skin care products will help delay skin aging.

For the elderly, whether the skin is dry or oily is not the most important. Replenishing the skin’s nutrition, leaving the skin not dry, and elasticity is the main purpose.

Therefore, pollen, pearls, ginseng, and vitamin skin care products are more suitable for the elderly.

  Pearl skin care products are a kind of skin care products suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. These skin care products are added with pearl powder and other ingredients. The pearls are rich in trace elements and nutrients, which can promote tissue regeneration and help.Skin care, anti-aging effect.

Similarly, pollen, ginseng, etc., are added to the skin care products with the corresponding nutrients, these ingredients have a good effect on moisturizing and maintaining the skin.

  Warm water to avoid irritation In addition to choosing the right skin care products, it is also important to keep your skin clean.

Dr. Guo suggested that the skin of the elderly is relatively sensitive, and its own metabolic substances, such as shed dander, oil and the like, easily irritate the skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the skin clean.

The elderly should use warm water to clean the skin. The suitable water temperature is 18 ° C – 30 ° C.

Wash the facial cleanser or neutral facial soap into a foam and wipe it in the palm of your hand. Do not pinch it. Wash it off with water as soon as possible.

  In addition, the elderly must often massage the skin after washing their face in the morning and evening, because the correct massage can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin metabolism, and increase the skin’s smoothness.

When massage, the strength should be gentle. The main massage range includes the forehead from the center to the double-sided massage. The upper and lower lips are massaged from the center to the adjacent lower jaw, and the upper and lower eyelashes are extended from above.

Usually 5-10 minutes each time.

  In addition, it is now the autumn and winter season, when the skin is the most easy to dry, the elderly should pay attention to moisturizing while keeping warm, and choose skin care products with high fat content and nutrients such as vitamin E.

  It is also good for the elderly to maintain their skin.

Try to minimize irritating things, such as not smoking or drinking, drinking less tea, coffee, eating less spicy food and seafood, and ensuring adequate sleep.