ESPN Eastern Championship prediction: Cavaliers top Bulls 2nd Wizards heat behind _1


ESPN Eastern Championship prediction: Cavaliers top Bulls 2nd Wizards Heat ranked behind
On August 21st, Beijing time, ESPN’s new season predictions continue, and today’s predictions for the Eastern Conference champions are launched.In this prediction, the Cavaliers who ushered in LeBron James replaced the top with high votes, and they even got more votes than the total of the second to fifth place.With Paul Gasol and Derrick Rose returning to the injured team, the Bulls took the second place, and the Wizards, Heat and Raptors ranked 3 to 5 respectively.1. Cleveland Cavaliers votes: 242 Last season’s record: 33-49, 10th Eastern Conference postseason ESPN forecast record: 56-26, 1st Eastern Conference welcomed back James, and will soon be traded from the TimberwolvesKevin Love, together with Kyrie Irving, the strength of the Cavaliers’ new Big Three has made fans look forward to their performance in the new season.Too many netizens believe that the new Cavaliers Big Three are stronger than the Heat’s Big Three last season.Loew, Owen and James, I must say that they are better than Bosh, Wade and James. They are younger, better and higher.One netizen commented.James, Love, Irving, the three of them alone can take the Cavaliers to the summit of the East!Another netizen said.2. Chicago Bulls votes: 171 Last season’s record: 48-34, stop the first round of ESPN predictions in the east: 54-28, the return of the second Ross in the east, plus the addition of Gasol, must make the Bulls’ strength increaseA grade, at the same time, some fans believe that the Cavaliers’ new three giants have just been formed, and whether they can beat the established Bulls is still unknown.When Rose returns, Gasol must have far surpassed Boozer. Love and Irving’s partner is not Wade and Bosh, so the Bulls will reach the peak of the east.One netizen commented.3, Washington Wizards votes: 28 Last season’s record: 44-38, stop the Eastern Conference semi-finals ESPN predicted record: 47-35, although the fourth in the East lost Ariza, but the Wizards signed an experienced Pierce in the summer, run inThe more stable level makes netizens believe that even if it is not the Eastern Champions, the Wizards also have at least the top three strengths in the Eastern Conference.A year of running-in makes them more mature to overcome their experience, and with the arrival of Pierce, the Wizards are expected to be the top three seeds in the East.One netizen said.Don’t underestimate the combination of Wall and Bill.Another netizen recommended.4. Miami Heat’s votes: 19 Last season’s record: 54-28, losing to the Spurs ESPN in the finals Predicted record: 44-38, although the sixth in the East lost James, the Heat’s reinforcement in the summer has kept them still very goodGood depth and depth, plus the presence of Wade and Bosh, they can not be underestimated in the new season.The Heat are still a very deep team. They may play anywhere from 6th to 3rd in the East. In the playoffs, they can still challenge any opponent.One netizen commented.5. Toronto Raptors’ votes: 18 Last season’s record: 48-34, stop the first round ESPN forecast record: 47-35, the balance of the third Eastern Raptors and the experience of last year’s playoffs made experts and fans optimisticThey, in the east, their depth can chill any opponent.The Raptors are one of the most in-depth teams in the East. Last year’s playoff experience allowed them to surpass the experience.One netizen said.The Raptors may be the second in the East, and the worst will be the third. They are favorable contenders for the Eastern Conference champions, and only the Cavaliers can win them steadily.(Tinoke) Extended reading: 2014 10-year forward and small forward prediction: Zhan Durant fights melon third ESPN new season retreat team prediction: Lakers Rockets top two Knicks again on the list in 2014 NBA summer signing transaction summary: ZhanWong Loew signed the Cavaliers 2014-15 new season regular season full schedule announced the Rockets Lakers debut opener