Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Globe Award. Whom do Messi love more than you?Love to kill for years_1


Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Globe Award. Whom do Messi love more than you?Love to kill for many years
At the end of 2016, at the end of the year, peerless double pride in international football has also handed over an updated competition.Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, two top players in the world, competed fiercely in the three major battlefields of La Liga, the Champions League and the national team.Beginning with Messi’s fifth Golden Ball Award on January 11 and ending with a draw at the National Derby in Camp Nou, the match between the two Mr. Golden Globes continued for a year!Messi’s figures for this year are good enough, but 2016 is undoubtedly the year of Ronaldo.Because the Cristiano Ronaldo Champions League and the European Cup champion are in hand, just like holding the dragon against the sky, it is enough to command the world. This morning, Cristiano Ronaldo finally won the annual Golden Globe Award.  Cristiano Ronaldo    Delauna Cup    big ear cup    tears Lianlian    grape wine wine luminous cup, this summer’s C Ronaldo finally won the first trophy of the national team!From the age of 19 to the age of 31, people witnessed the whole process of a man from being frivolous to lifting weight.From the days when he was wet and studded, studded earrings, and a glorious life as a man and a ball, to the No. 7 shirt received by Figo, until the moth of the fire that stopped at the France Stadium this summer, his tearful eyebrows,This is the whole process of C Ronaldo as the ball king.  In the European Cup final, Ronaldo’s tears wet the field.From the opening stage, he cried on the stretcher and became a tearful man, and 100 minutes later he shed tears of happiness on the podium-tears run through the final.The first crown of Portuguese history will last forever.Yes, Peerless Shuangjiao burst into tears in the finals of the two Intercontinental Cups, and this space dialogue finally declared victory with Ronaldo.Because he won the Delaunay Cup, everything he paid was worth it.With this championship, Cristiano Ronaldo’s historical position has risen rapidly, completely not inferior to Ronaldo, Zidane and other top players who won the championship, and Cristiano Ronaldo still has time, he can improve his historical position.  Don’t forget, Ronaldo has just won the Champions League trophy before this.Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid in a penalty shootout in the Champions League final and won the Champions League for the 11th time.The last Ronaldo who played in the penalty shootout calmly scored a penalty. The Portuguese striker after the goal broke off and celebrated with excitement. Ronaldo became the first player in history to score more than 50 goals in six consecutive seasons!Taking the Champions League and the European Cup two trophies in a row, Ronaldo, 31, achieved a right-handed embrace of the Delaunay Cup and the Big Ear Cup.Only 9 people have done this feat before.Ronaldo and Real Madrid teammate Pepe wrote the most beautiful summer in his life.  In the new season, under the leadership of Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid marched all the way, slamming the Messi rival Barcelona.At the UEFA awards ceremony on August 25, Ronaldo was voted the best player in Europe last season and became the second player to win this award twice after Messi.On November 19th, Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid 3-0 in the Madrid derby. Cristiano Ronaldo completed a hat trick and became the top scorer in the history of Madrid derby with 18 goals.Zidane said after the game that after this game, Ronaldo had already locked the Golden Globe.  Among the winners of the 2016 Golden Globes announced by “French Football” this morning, Beijing time, Ronaldo was elected without any suspense.To date, Ronaldo has won the Golden Globe 4 times, Cruyff, Platini and Van Basten, who have won more than 3 times, after Messi, who has won 5 times.Cristiano Ronaldo did not appear at the awards, he aimed at another goal in Japan-World Club Cup champion.  The discussion about how long Ronaldo can remain active on the green field has not stopped.In this regard, Ronaldo said: I hope that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be the last competition I participated in!By then, he will be 37 years old.He also stated that he hopes to renew the contract with Real Madrid: I want to play here until the age of 41, and then retire.  Ferguson, the Manchester United godfather who discovered Ronaldo at the time, said: His fighting spirit and competitiveness are praised. His love and desire for football is incredible.Generally speaking, top players can only maintain the peak period of 5-10 years, and then go downhill.But Ronaldo has maintained this state for more than 10 years, which makes him so outstanding.This year’s world football, no player can achieve the achievements of Ronaldo. This year, the Portuguese lived in glory.2016, how could it not be Ronaldo?Further reading: Ronaldo won the 2016 Golden Globe Awards 2016 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony Top 17 List Previous 12 Next