Medicine and food homology complement should have degree


Medicine and food homology “complement” should have degree

The homologous “supplement” of medicine and food should be one of the main treatment rules for traditional Chinese medicine.
Fuzheng Guben, a modern scientific method to study tonic discovery, many tonics have the effect of strengthening the physical examination of an immune function, so the use of complementary methods at home and abroad to treat tumors, to achieve the purpose of curbing tumor growth and spread.
As for whether the use of supplements has the same “nourishing” effect on cancer cells, will it promote the spread of cancer cells, and there are many different “sounds”.
  As a tonic, of course, there must be “degrees” in terms of choice, category, and consumption.
At present, there are many varieties of supplements. In addition to ginseng, there are many compound health supplements. Due to the role of advertising, patients often face various supplements and do not know how to choose them.
How to choose supplements?
  A. First of all, “diet anti-cancer” should be placed first, and supplements are secondary. Never put the cart before the horse.
It has been proven that eating more foods rich in vitamins, selenium-rich foods, etc., is the best way to consume the nutrients necessary for the body through diets, and supplements often only play a role in one aspect.
  B. It is not appropriate to “big make up” and mention the problem of degree.
Some people use a variety of supplements to drink, or drink 6-10 ginseng royal jelly daily. After taking it, the mouth is dry and irritated, not only does not play a good role.
On the contrary, it will lead to the opposite effect. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately select 1-2 supplements. Drinking a small amount daily will have certain benefits.
  C, cancer patients drink supplements is best to consult the doctor before use, because some supplements do not undergo the rigorous test and long-term observation like drugs, the efficacy of which is further verified, and the supplements are different, the effect is not the same.
“Popular” may not be suitable for everyone.