The best way to put diapers on your baby


The best way to put diapers on your baby

After each baby’s bowel movement, the mother should use baby skin care wipes to clean the baby’s butt and skin folds, or wash the area with water, then gently wipe with a dry cloth or soft cloth, and then put on a cleanDiapers.

Your baby’s skin is delicate. If you wash it often, it will easily dry your skin. Therefore, it is best to apply a layer of baby’s hip cream or vaseline after washing.

  Some mothers are afraid that the diaper will be chopped off by the baby, and they always like to tightly wrap the baby’s little butt.

As everyone knows, this will not only damage the baby’s legs, restrict the movement of the lower limbs, make the baby feel uncomfortable, but will reduce the breathability of the diaper.

The baby’s skin is delicate. If the package is too tight, it will rub the baby’s thigh, causing skin damage and infection. The baby girl will cause vulvitis and urethritis.

  When the diaper becomes heavy, it proves that it is saturated, and the mother should replace the diaper with a new one in time to prevent the various and harmful substances emitted from the urine from irritating the baby’s skin.

  The diaper is used up to seven. When the carbohydrate is old, you can regularly pee your baby.

Not only can the baby’s bottom be ventilated, breathable, but also can be used to train volume diapers.

  When the baby is sleeping, the mother turns the baby more often. Do not use the same sleeping position repeatedly, especially do not lie on the back, so that the body will be directly pressed against the diapers, which will cause the baby’s hips and back to become too hot, sweat, and wet urine.Air and hot air can cause diaper rash on your baby’s skin.

  In order to reduce the number of diaper changes, some mothers like to put a disposable diaper on the diaper, which is very unwise.

The wet surface of the diaper is mainly made of plastic film, which has very poor breathability and is very likely to cause diaper rash.