Beware of toddlers suffering from child carriage disease


Beware of toddlers suffering from “child carriage disease”

The so-called “stroller disease” means that some children develop abnormally on both legs after riding a stroller for a period of time.
For example, some children have a special bulge on the inner side of the knee, and their two lower legs are outwards, looking like x-shaped legs. Other children have two lower legs bent inward, and when they are in an upright posture, the knee joints cannot be brought together, and O-shaped,This is what people call the ring-shaped legs.
These abnormalities of the lower leg caused by cycling are called “children’s disease”.
“Child carriage disease” affects the growth of lower limb bones and causes “child carriage disease” for two main reasons.
One is that some strollers are unreasonable in design and do not meet children’s physiological health requirements, such as the distance between the seat and the pedal is too long or too short.
The second reason is that younger children have shorter calves and can barely reach the pedals, while older children have longer legs and have to bend their legs while cycling.
Young children are in the stage of vigorous growth and development. The bone structure in the body is mainly cartilage. The bone tissue contains more water and organic matter, and the calcium content is relatively small. The young children’s bones are elastic, plastic, and muscular.Bone is easily deformed.
Under the influence of the above reasons, the growth and development of lower limb bones are prone to morphological abnormalities.
Baby stroller cushions must be wrapped with a soft cloth. In addition, most children often wear open crotch pants, and the texture of the baby stroller cushion is hard, which rubs and compresses the perineum, makes the skin of the perineum red and swollen and painful. When suffering from bacterial infection, urethritis and urgency occur, Frequent urination and other symptoms.
Therefore, it is best for children under 3 years old not to ride a bicycle.
If you want to ride, it can’t be too long each time, usually 10-30 minutes is more suitable; the cushion of the stroller is best wrapped with sponge or soft cloth to protect the child’s perineum.
For children who often ride baby carriages, parents should often check their legs, and if abnormalities are found, they should be corrected in time.
For example, if you find that your child has mild X-shaped legs, you can let your child sit cross-knees and practice for 20 minutes each time, 3 times a day.
If the child’s X-shaped legs are severe, they should go to the hospital for treatment.