Recommend several commonly used hemostatic agents


Recommend several commonly used hemostatic agents

Blood diseases include symptoms of blood deficiency, blood heat, blood stasis, and bleeding. Blood deficiency should be supplemented during treatment, blood heat should be cooled, blood stasis should be activated, and bleeding should be stopped.

Blood tonic prescriptions and cooling blood prescriptions are added to the tonic prescription and heat-clearing prescription chapters respectively. This section introduces blood circulation, hemostatic drugs and prescriptions.

  Huangtu Decoction[Ingredients]Licorice, Dried Rehmannia, Atractylodes, Aconite (Cannon), Ejiao, Scutellaria baicalensis[Each 9g], Stove Heart Loess Half Catty[30g].

  【Indications】 Yang deficiency in the blood.

Bloody stools, bloody stools, or vomiting, bleeding, and women’s collapse, dark blood, limbs are not warm, pale, pale tongue, white fur, and thin pulses.

  Sisheng Wan[Ingredients]9g raw lotus leaves, 9g raw wormwood leaves, 12g raw cypress leaves, 15g raw radix rehmanniae.

  [Attending]blood heat delusion.

Spit blood, bleed blood, bright red blood, dry mouth, dry throat, red tongue or palate, pulse count.

  Kexue Recipe[Ingredients]Qingdai Shuifei 6g, Gua Ren deoiled 9g, seaweed 9g, mangosteen fried black 9g, gardenia 6g.

  [Indications]Hepatic fire cough blood syndrome.

Coughing and breathing with blood, vomiting, upset, irritability, chest pain, dry throat, bitter vagina, red constipation, red tongue, yellow fur, and pulse strings.

  Shihuisan[Ingredients]Thistle, small thistle, lotus leaf, arborvitae leaf, white grass root, madder, gardenia, rhubarb, peony skin, palm skin are equally divided.

  【Indications】 Hematemic hemoptysis, hemoptysis, etc.

  Small thistle drink[Ingredients]24 grams of raw rehmannia, 15 grams of small thistle, 15 grams of talc, 6 grams of mutong, 6 grams of light bamboo leaves, 9 grams of fried Puhuang, 9 grams of lotus root, 6 grams of angelica, 9 grams of gardenia, 6 grams of licorice.

  【Indications】 Lower coke heat.

Symptoms include hemorrhagic hematuria, frequent urination, astringent fever, red tongue, and pulse count.